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Rockport is an independent Junior and Senior School based on the public school model in the United Kingdom – the only school of its kind in Northern Ireland. Rockport School was founded in 1906 by Geoffrey Bing as a boys’ preparatory school. The School has expanded considerably and became fully co-educational in 1967. It has now grown to be a school of 200 pupils. New buildings and facilities have continued to be added to the Rockport estate, but the school remains very identifiable by the building established by Bing over a century ago

  • Rockport is a small school with only 200 pupils and a staff-pupil ratio of 1:8. This means that not only does the school have small class sizes but every pupil is known by every member of staff, and each pupil knows one another.
  • Rockport is Northern Ireland’s only fully independent school.
  • It is located in a stunning estate on the edge of Belfast Lough and with its own shoreline.
  • Rockport pupils are confident and well-rounded pupils who are at ease with themselves and adults; the school’s size means that every pupil is used to speaking in public and meeting visitors to the school.
  • Rockport pupils are global citizens and are taught to be outward looking and have an understanding of the wider world. To this end, Rockport is a member of Round Square – an association of schools worldwide committed to shared IDEALS (Internationalism; Democracy; Environment; Adventure; Leadership; Service).