St Tiernan’s community School


Year and Term


350 Students


Writing, Math and Personal development

St. Tiernan’s Community School is a co-educational, state school with a school population of approximately 350 students. It is well-serviced by bus and tram transport links. The school has a Catholic ethos but is open to and welcomes students of all denominations and none in an inclusive environment. At St Tiernan’s Community School they o er a wide range of subjects, both academic and practical. They foster the moral development of students through a school ethos based on respect for the dignity of each individual.

  • They have a holistic approach to the student, and aim to develop a well- rounded individual with a healthy physical, social, and spiritual outlook on life.
  • The school hosts Evening Study, Homework Club and Maths Club every day a er school to encourage and assist students in their academic pursuits.
  • Boasts an active library, supported by a student library commi ee with visiting authors, readathons and wri ng workshops
  • Nurture a sense of respect and pride in each individual in the school and in the community, especially through their spor ng teams and fundraising work