Wilson’s Hospital School



Boarding School



Wilson’s Hospital School is a co-educational boarding school in rural County Westmeath in the midlands of Ireland. Wilson’s Hospital School was founded in 1761.The School is a small school with approximately 400 pupils which allows for maximum participation, with everyone making a valued contribution to their chosen area. The sense of pride in the individual’s own participation is what is regarded as Wilson’s Hosptial School’s greatest achievement

  • Every pupil adds to the atmosphere of mutual respect and the common good
  • Each day is a celebration of learning and community
  • The Wilson’s spirit is better described as a family, where the successes and trials of one is shared by all
  • It is primarily a place of personal development, a place where students pursue their studies and form lifelong friendships
  • The Spiritual development of students is pivotal in the ethos of the School. Daily assembly features an act of worship with Bible reading and prayer. All boarders attend Chapel Services on Sunday night and all classes are taught Religious education